Friday, September 14, 2012

BREAKING: Benton was Fired! Ron Paul is Upset!

Things have gone from bad to worse for Jesse Benton's reputation. First he announced that he would work for Mitch McConnell. Then Tom Woods took him down. Now this.

LibertyChat is breaking the story today:
High Level contacts from within Ron Paul’s inner circle who have disclosed on a condition of anonymity, that “Jesse Benton was actually fired from C4L and stole all the lists (C4L, RP12, LPAC) before he left. Ron Paul is very upset.”
That scoundrel! Perhaps this is just a rumor, but my gut tells me that it is true. Benton has been nothing more than a conman, something that I once speculated about after hearing Tom Woods many months ago. This goes a long way to explain the sorry mess of a debacle that was the 2012 Ron Paul presidential campaign.

Maybe Benton will hand over the lists to his new boss Mitch McConnell and the other police statists so that they can put all Ron Paul supporters on a government watch list or a no-fly list. Or round us up and send us to concentration camps. Surely Benton and McConnell are kidding themselves if they think any Ron Paul supporters will donate a dime to anything with Benton's name on it after what he has done.

Benton has already started working on re-branding his boss McConnell's image. It's a tough sell, but Jesse Benton's pea-sized brain doesn't stop him from writing howlers in his Daily Caller op-ed such as [my emphasis and comments in brackets]:
  •  Of course, as a budding young politico... [keep stroking your ego, big guy]  
  •  Sen. McConnell worked tirelessly for our campaign, and in the end, Kentuckians united to produce a grassroots effort that shattered state records. In the final 72 hours alone, our get-out-the-vote operation made over 200,000 live phones calls and knocked on 70,000 doors. Rand cruised to an historic 12-point victory, and we sent a dynamic new leader to the United States Senate. [Rand Paul's success has nothing to do with Benton or McConnell. Rand's grassroot supporters were motivated by the principles of liberty that Benton so eagerly threw away.]
  • When the history books are written, it will be said that few Americans have ever done more to protect the First Amendment than Mitch McConnell. [Whoa!!!]

So... who is this great Champion of the Constitution, Mitch McConnell? Robert Wenzel clues us in at EPJ:

 McConnell is a total statist, who regularly takes positions against liberty.
In August 2007, the creep McConnell introduced the Protect America Act of 2007, which allows the National Security Agency to monitor certain telephone and electronic communications  inside and outside the United States without obtaining a warrant.
On April 21, 2009, McConnell delivered a blistering speech to the Senate criticizing United States President Barack Obama's then-plans to close the Guantanamo.
McConnell voted for the initial War in Iraq, has supported the "troop surge", and opposed a timetable for withdrawal from the country.

Awful. Just awful. Benton won't be duping anyone. Maybe in another era, yes, but not in the age of the Internet.

Jesse Benton has sold out one of the greatest statesmen in American history for his 30 pieces of silver. There have been hundreds of tinpot Nazi dictators in positions of power in the U.S. (like Mitch McConnell) who rob and kill people around the world without apology, who make a mockery of the Constitution they take an oath to, and who destine thousands of American families to poverty and suffering. But nothing makes my blood boil more than what Jesse Benton has done. Benton has committed unspeakable acts of treason by subverting the Ron Paul campaign. No wonder he felt the need to wear a Kevlar vest when he met Ron Paul delegates face-to-face.

A pox on his house. May his career go in the gutter. Although I worry that power-brokers like McConnell will reward his treachery. The worst always come out on top in politics.

To try to make a positive takeaway out of this, we can celebrate that this sequence of events has convinced many people that the GOP is entirely morally bankrupt and not worth saving. Ron Paul supporters are now hardened to political realities and how far gone we are as a country. More people are losing faith in government institutions everyday, and it's a great thing.


Doc Merlin said...

"When the history books are written, it will be said that few Americans have ever done more to protect the First Amendment than Mitch McConnell"

Actually, that part is true. He's pretty bad on most other things, but on the first ammendment he is golden.

Anonymous said...

I got an email from Romney camp right after he picked Ryan asking for a donation. There was a link on the page where I could click it to find out how Romney got my name. Guess who? Ted Cruz! I never gave Cruz my name, a donation... NADA! I was told by ex C4L leader here that it most likely came from the inside! Benton? Hmmmm!